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run&play ph with Arigato, Hato! – The Scoundrel

Another great song by Arigato, Hato!

cam: marco limjap
sound: david del rosario (king dave/am) and edric dy
mix: pat sarabia
edit: marco limjap


run&play with Ang Bandang Shirley – Nakauwi Na

Second song from our session with Ang Bandang Shirley.
It might have been hot when we shot this but at some point in the shoot, we got the chills. Good music, good, good music.

Cam: Gabby Cantero
Audio: Boogie Crisostomo
Audio (edit): Pat Sarabia
Edit: Marco Limjap
PA: David del Rosario

run&play ph with Ang Bandang Shirley

the park still had the same smell and feel despite its new facade. even if our feet were soiled after and the sun was really scorching. it was still a very fun shoot. sa madaling salita.
thank you ang bandang shirley!
shot in san lorenzo village park
cam: marco limjap
audio: boogie crisostomo
audio (edit): pat sarabia
edit: marco limjap
pa: king dave (AM)

run&play ph with Outerhope – the Man with the Pipes

Another amazing song by Outerhope. Shot in Heima/My Apartment, Cubao X.

Cam: Gabby Cantero and Marco Limjap

Sound: Boogie Crisostomo and Edric Dy

Sound Editor: Pat Sarabia

Edit: Paolo Abrihan

more videos! watch out for more!